Documents Required

Malta Citizenship Documents Required for Investors

  1. Health Certificate :  Certificate in prescribed form from a reputable health service certifying that the main applicant and his dependants are
    • Not suffering from any contagious disease, and
    • Otherwise enjoying good health.
  2. Police Declaring Clean Criminal Record:  Police Certificate issued by Malta Police as well as a Police Certificate issued by competent authorities in the investor’s country of origin and a Police Certificate issued by competent authorities in countries in which the investor has resided for a period of more than six months over the last ten years. In exceptional cases where the agency implementing the Programme is satisfied that such a certificate cannot be obtained, the investor must submit a sworn affidavit declaring a clean criminal record.
  3.  Certificate of Fit and Proper Persons : Evidence obtained through due diligence processes indicating that the main applicant and his/her dependants are fit and proper persons for becoming citizens of Malta. Proof of proper background verification will be required for the investor and all dependants above the age of 12 years.
  4. Other Undertakings :   Undertakings to
    • Invest the amount mandated by the regulations of the Programme when called to do so. The non-refundable payment made at the time the application submission can be deducted when calculating the total contribution.
    • Make other investments as required by the regulations governing the Programme.
    • Purchase or lease immoveable property in Malta as mandated by the Programme.
  5. Support of Dependants :  Affidavit of support for each of the investor’s dependants who is above the age of 18 years.
  6. Other : Any other document as may be required from time to time by the agency operating the Programme.

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