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Greece Immigration Golden Visa Investor Program

Greece is a culturally diverse nation at the junction of East and West. It is a nation with a proud and ancient history, with traditions of language, food and music running through its society.

Greece Immigration Golden Visa Investor Program

The Greece Immigration Golden Visa Investor Program allows you to apply for a residence permit by purchasing or leasing Greek real estate. You can obtain a five-year residency permit in return for an investment of €250,000.

Benefits of Greece Immigration Golden Visa Investor Program

  • Greek residency for property purchase of just €250,000.
  • Live and work in Greece when maintaining residence in another country.
  • Study in Greece.
  • Visa-free access to the Schengen area of EU countries
  • Family members are included.
  • Visa can be renewed every five years.
Population (million) 10.9
131,957 km2
GDP (billion current USD) 242.2
Earning per capita (current USD) 21,956
Unemployment Rate 25.6%
Inflation Rate 1.3%
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Investment Requirements

  1. Purchase real estate property in Greece with a minimum value of €250,000.
  2. Sign a 10-year lease with minimum €250,000 for hotel or other tourist residence.
  3. Have purchased a property before 2013 currently worth €250,000 or more.
  4. Own Greece real estate of minimum value €250,000 acquired through donation or parental concession.
  5. Purchase land with intent to build, provided value of land and construction contract is minimum €250,000.

Application Fee

Application fee €500

Validity Period

The residency permit is granted for a period of five years. It can be renewed every five years provided ownership or lease of property at minimum €250,000 is maintained.

Inclusion of Family Members

  1. Spouse
  2. Children up to the age of 21


  1. Two copies of completed application form
  2. Two colour photos
  3. Certified passport or other travel document copy
  4. Proof of payment of €500 fee through online platform

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