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Investment Immigration: Jersey Residence by Investor Program


Jersey Residence by Investment

Residency in Jersey 

Jersey is a British Crown dependency off the coast of France with its own elected government and international identity. The island is a reputed offshore financial centre and is treated as a part of the United Kingdom for purposes of nationality and immigration.

Jersey Residence Benefits:

  • Enjoy ‘Entitled’ status that permits you to buy, sell, or lease any property, and work without requiring a license to be employed.
  • Enjoy unrestricted travel to the United Kingdom when residing in Jersey.
  • Convenient and hassle-free travel to the USA, European Union, and other countries.
  • Access to quality education and learning system for your children.
  • Enjoy the quality healthcare and social services in the island.
  • Experience the beauty and splendor of the island with easy access to the United Kingdom as well as the European continent.
  • Enjoy option to apply for UK citizenship through naturalization.
Population (100,000 estimate) 97,857
Country Size 118.2 km2
GDP (billion current USD) 5.1
Earning per capita (current USD) 57,000
Unemployment Rate 1.7%
Inflation Rate 3.7%
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Minimum Investment The investor must purchase a ‘1(1)K’ property. Such properties are normally priced around £1 million or more
Cost Applicant must generate enough income to pay annual income tax of not less than £125,000 as per the tax rates. Current tax rate is 20% and annual income should not be less than £625,000.
Processing Time Final decision within 10 days

Application Procedure: Jersey Residence

Any investor seeking residence in Jersey as a High Value Resident is required to apply to the Director of High Value Residency. The application will be considered on the basis of economic and non-economic factors including annual income, cultural benefits to the local community arising out of approval of the application, and potential media coverage of the investor’s business or social life.

An investor holding ‘Entitled’ status in Jersey can enjoy indefinite leave to remain through passage of time or through application after residing in Jersey for the prescribed period. An immigrant with indefinite leave to remain can then apply for UK citizenship.


Click here to learn more about the detailed government policy governing residential status in Jersey including the eligibility requirements for High Value Residency and the benefits of holding ‘Entitled’ status in Jersey.

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