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Croatia Residence Investor Program

With more than 1000 islands and a 6000 km coastline, Croatia is a beautiful and well-developed nation that offers the twin benefits of a pleasant lifestyle and investor-friendly policies to investment immigrants. A member of the European Union, becoming a permanent resident of Croatia offers easy access to other member countries as well as other developed nations.

Benefits of Permanent Residence in Croatia

  • A vibrant economy offering with significant infrastructure, transportation, and energy projects being developed in the nation.
  • An expat-friendly tax regime with 100% tax exemption on certain foreign incomes.
  • Convenient travel and stay in all EU nations along with visa-free access to developed American and Asian nations.
  • Excellent educational facilities with free and compulsory education for children aged between seven and 15 years.
  • Balanced development with access to all modern facilities along with natural beauty including the long coastline.

Population (million) 4.26
Country Size 56594 km2
GDP (billion current USD) 57.54
Earning per capita (current USD) 14217.0
Unemployment Rate 13.4%
Inflation Rate -0.20%
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Investment Requirements for Croatia Residence Investor Program

There are no minimum investment requirements to obtain temporary or permanent residence in Croatia.

EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals seeking permanent residency in Croatia must provide proof of:

  • Adequate financial resources to live in Croatia without becoming a burden for the social care system while staying in the Republic of Croatia, and
  • Adequate health insurance.

Residence Requirements

Applicants must first apply for a temporary stay permit.

EEA nationals must apply for a Certificate of reporting a temporary stay. This certificate has a validity of up to five years.

Non EEA nationals must seek a temporary work and stay permit outside the annual quota. This permit has a validity of up to one year.

Application for permanent residence permit can be made after legal stay in Croatia for an uninterrupted period of five years. The stay will be considered uninterrupted provided-

  • One-time absences don’t exceed six months over a five-year period, and
  • Multiple absences, together, don’t exceed ten months over a five-year period

Fees for Croatia Residence Investor Program 

Application fee for temporary work and stay permit HRK 800
Biometric residence permit HRK 240
Consular fee/ revenue stamp for work and stay permit application HRK 20
Administrative fee for permanent residence permit HRK 900
Biometric residence permit HRK 240

Inclusion of Family Members

The Croatia Residence Investor Program’s applicant can include these family members when seeking temporary and permanent residence permit:

  • Spouse,
  • Persons living  in  a  common  law  marriage  in  accordance  with  the  Croatian law,
  • Unmarried children including adopted children, and
  • Dependent parents

Documents Required

Documents Required

Documents Required for Croatia Residence Investor Program

  1. Valid proof of identity
  2. Copy of valid travel documents
  3. Evidence of adequate financial resources for sustenance of the applicant and his/her family in Croatia.
  4. Proof of adequate health insurance.
  5. Proof of educational background and qualifications
  6. Proof of family relationship, marriage, or partnership with spouse or partner.
  7. Proof that relationship with dependents
  8. Non EEA nationals seeking temporary work and stay permit outside the annual quota must submit the following additional documents
    1. Proof of ownership of at least 51% in a company carrying out strategic investment projects in Croatia.
    2. Proof of registration of the above-mentioned company or its branch in Croatia
    3. Medical certificate issued by a doctor recognized by the Belgian Embassy or Consulate;

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