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Vanuatu Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP)

Vanuatu is a Pacific paradise made up of approximately 82 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Located 1,750km from Australia, it is a Y-shaped archipelago of volcanic origin.

Vanuatu Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP)The Vanuatu Capital Investment Immigration Plan (CIIP) offers citizenship in return for a modest investment. Its aim is to create jobs, stimulate the economy and balance the national budget.

Benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship and the CIIP

  • Visa-free access to more than 115 countries, including the EU, UK and Ireland.
  • Low investment threshold.
  • Program targeted at families, with a successful application covering candidate, spouse and one child under 18, with the option of adding further dependent children.
  • No income, wealth or inheritance tax
  • Short residency requirement, which can be completed after citizenship acquired.
  • All successful applicants receive Vanuatu International Company with a Vanuatu bank account.

Investment Requirements

  • $260,000 (includes main applicant, spouse and 1 child aged under 18 years)
  • $19,250 (extra child less than 18 years)
  • $44,250 USD (a dependent aged 18 to 21)

NOTE: The Vanuatu CIIP recently began accepting bitcoin as payment for citizenship. Bitcoin exchange rates can vary significantly

Residency Requirement

Candidates must spend 30 days in Vanuatu to qualify for the CIIP. That residence may be at any time up to 36 months from the date citizenship is granted.

Other Requirements

  • Applicants must be over 18.
  • Certificate of no criminal record covering the last 12 months from applicant’s residence and jurisdiction of principal nationality.
  • Evidence of financial solvency without income from employment in Vanuatu.

Application Fee

$250 per application

Processing Time

The average time for an application to be processed from submission of application to grant is one month.

Documents Requirements

  • Passports of everyone included in the application.
  • Identity card of everyone included in the application, where issued by previous country of residence, or jurisdiction of nationality.
  • Household register (for Chinese applicants).
  • ​Marriage certificate, where a spouse is included in the application.
  • Curriculum vitae of principal applicant
  • Certificate of no criminal record for everyone over 18 included in the application, dated no later than six months before application submitted.
  • ​Birth certificate of each child included in the application.
  • ​Passport photo for everyone included in the application.
  • ​Proof of residential address.
  • ​Proof of assets to a value of more than $260,000.

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