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Andorra Investor Residence

Andorra Investor Residence

Investment Requirements for Andorra Investment Permit—Residence without Work

The applicant must fulfill the following Andorra Investor Immigration’s investment conditions:

  1. Invest an effective amount of not less than € 400,000 in one or more assets below:
    1. Real estate in Andorra.
    2. Equity investment in companies resident in Andorra.
    3. Debt instruments issued by financial institutions, public administration, or resident in Andorra.
    4. Loans that are not paid in National Institute of Finance.
  2. Of the EUR 400,000 mentioned above, 50,000 EUR must be deposited at the Institute of Finance Andorran.

If the applicant has not made the investments at the time of submission of the application, he or she must demonstrate commitment to redeem the investment within six months of application for residence permit. Or else, the applicant will be treated as void.

Validity: Andorra Investor Immigration

The residence permit entitling the applicant to reside in Andorra is initially granted for a period of two years. After the expiry of the first two years, the permit can be renewed for another two years. The second renewal is granted for three years after which the residence permit will have a validity of ten years upon each renewal.

Family Members: Andorra Investor Immigration

The applicant can include the following family members in the application form:

  1. Spouse
  2. Minor children
  3. Disabled adults
  4. Adults aged less than 25 years who are in education
  5. Dependent ascendants

The investor immigrant is required to deposit a sum of EUR 10,000 at the Institute of Finance Andorran for each dependent included in the resident permit application.

Fee: Andorra Investor Immigration

The cost of this procedure for the primary applicant is EUR 211.6.

The cost of this procedure for each dependent is EUR 179.90.

Application Procedure: Andorra Investor Immigration

The investor immigrant seeking residence in Andorra is required to submit the following documents:

  1. Duly filled application form.
  2. Original and photocopy of valid passport of the applicant or photocopy of valid national identity as applicable.
  3. Character certificate from the applicant’s country of origin, nationality, and residence.
  4. Affidavit declaring absence of police record or criminal case in applicant’s home country or any other country.
  5. One color photograph.
  6. Documented proof of having accommodation in Andorra that is in compliance with the minimum standards in Andorra. If the applicant does not have accommodation in Andorra, then the applicant must submit proof of having begun the process of acquiring property in Andorra. The process must be completed within one year of the filing of application seeking residence in Andorra.
  7. Proof of investment by submission of following documents:
    1. Copy of deed documenting acquisition of real estate in Andorra.
    2. Copy of authentic writing of the acquisition of shares in companies resident in Andorra.
    3. Certificate indicating subscription and ownership of debt instruments issued by financial institutions, residents, or public administration in Andorra.
    4. Proof of completion of admission issued by the bank for deposits made to the Andorran National Institute of Finance.
  8. Proof of relationships as may be applicable:
    1. Single- Certificate or affidavit of singleness
    2. Marriage- Certificate of marriage
    3. Separation- Judgment of separation
    4. Divorce- Divorce decree
    5. Death- Death certificate of spouse
    6. Stable relationship: Official certificate issued by the Civil Registry of Andorra.
  9. Commitment to reside in Andorra for a period of not less than 90 days in a calendar year after grant of the residence permit.
  10. Commitment to maintain sickness, disability, and old age insurance for self and spouse throughout the validity of the residence permit.
  11. Proof of annual income of applicant is not less than three times the legally established annual minimum wage in Andorra. The annual income should be increased by the annual minimum wage for each dependent of the applicant. The income should be proved by certificate of pension, income tax return for the previous year, or certificate issued by the last country of residence.
  12. Birth certificate of dependent children.
  13. Vaccine book and medical certificate for all children below the age of 16 years.
  14. Medical information certificate and consent for conduct of medical tests.
  15. Filled questionnaire related to travel to endemic area of Ebola.

Upon grant of residence status, the applicant must make the investment and provide proof for the same within six months of the decision. The applicant must register for the Common parish in which resides within one month of grant of residence permit and the registration within the same period.

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