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Australia Residence Investment Programme

australia-investor-immigrationAustralia’s Business Innovation and Investment Programme

Australia’s Business Innovation and Investment Programme is designed to encourage entrepreneurs and successful business owners to settle in Australia and contribute to Australia’s development through their business skills and abilities. The Programme has been designed to attract entrepreneurial talents specializing in diverse business activities into the country. Migrants who have repeatedly enjoyed success in building businesses through investments and innovation are the primary target audience of this Programme.

The various objectives of  Australia Business Innovation and Investment Programme include:

  • Generation of employment in Australia.
  • Boosting export of Australian goods and services to other countries.
  • Increasing production of various goods and services in Australia
  • Facilitating the implementation of newer technologies
  • Increasing range and scope of commercial activity and business competition.
  • Strengthening the link between Australia and international markets
  • Dispersing migrants possessing business and entrepreneurial skills all over the country through state-centric and territory-centric government sponsorships.

Population 23,813,000
Country Size 7692024 km2
GDP (trillion current USD) 1.1 (2014 est.)
Earning per capita (current USD) 6% (2014 est.)
Unemployment Rate 6% (2014 est.)
Inflation Rate 2.7% (2014 est.)
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Structure of Business Innovation and Investment Programme

The Business Innovation and Investment Programme is made of up three visa categories.

  1. Business Innovation and Investment Provisional visa (Subclass 188)
  2. Business Innovation and Investment Permanent visa (Subclass 888) : Applicants fulfilling the requirements of the Provisional visa Subclass 188 are eligible for the permanent visa. Read More.
  3. Business Talent Permanent visa (Subclass 132):  This visa has two streams:
    1. Significant Business History Stream:
      1. Ownership of stake in qualifying business of value not less than AUD400 000 for at least two of four fiscal years immediately preceding the invitation to apply for the visa, and
      2. Net worth of AUD1.5 million.
    2. Venture Capital Entrepreneur Stream
      1. Receive funding of value not less than AUD 1 million for start-up, product commercialization, or business development of a high-value business from an Australian venture capital firm. Read More.

Inclusion of Family Members

You can include the following family members in your application:

  1. Your married or de-facto partner
  2. Your dependent children or those of your partner.
  3. Other dependent relatives.


Visa subclass Application fee Fee per applicant aged 18 years and above Fee per applicant aged under 18 years
Subclass 188 – Investor stream $4,780 $2,390 $1,195
Subclass 188 – Business Innovation stream $4,780 $2,390 $1,195
Subclass 188 – Significant investor stream $7,010 $3,505 $1,755
Subclass 188 – Premium investor stream $8,410 $4,205 $2,015

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