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Portugal Investor Residence Government Policy

Portugal Investor Residence

Portugal Investor Residence

Portugal Investor Residence Program

Who Can Apply Under The Golden Residence Permit Programme?

All third country citizens conducting an investment activity as an individual or through a company setup in Portugal or any other EU Member State and who, additionally, are stably settled in Portugal can apply under the Programme.

The applicant must not

  • have been convicted of any offense that is punishable in Portugal with imprisonment of more than one year;
  • have been banned from entering national territory following expulsion from Portugal,
  • have had an alert in their name issued in Schengen Information System as a listed person;
  • have had an alert in their name issued in Integrated System of the Portuguese Immigration Service.

The Applicant must fulfill the investment and residency eligibility criteria as well.

Portugal Investor Residence: Minimum Stay

Residence in Portugal for a period of seven days in the first year and 14 days in the subsequent periods of two years.
The stay can be consecutive or unsequential.

Time Limit For Decision On Application

A complete application with all required documents will be validated in a maximum period of 72 hours.

The authorities will convey their final decision on the Golden Visa application within 90 days. Decision on renewal shall be finalized within 60 days.

Portugal Investor Residence: Minimum Investment Requirements

Portugal Investor Residence: Documents Required & Fees

Family Members Entitled to Apply Under The Scheme

Family Members Entitled to Apply Under The Scheme

  1. Conventional Relatives
    • Spouse
    • Minor children and incapacitated children under custody of the couple or of one spouse.
    • Adopted children of unmarried applicant.
    • Adopted children of married applicant or by his/her spouse where
      1. such adoption was authorized by the relevant authority of the applicant’s country of origin, and
      2. where such adoption has the same legal effects to those of natural children, and
      3. such a decision is recognized in Portugal;
    • Children of age dependent on one or both parents provided if the children are single and studying in a teaching establishment in Portugal.
    • Dependant parents of applicant or spouse
    • Minor siblings, under custody of applicant. Such custody must be by a legal decision of relevant authorities of the country of origin of the applicant and such order must be recognized in Portugal.
  2. Non-marital partnerships
    • Life partner where the partnership is registered as per law in Portugal or abroad.
    • Minor, single or incapacitated children, including children adopted by life‐partner who has provided with the legal custody over the children.

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