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Bahamas Investor Residence Visa

Bahamas Investor Residence Visa

Bahamas Investor Residence Visa

Permanent Residence Permit in Bahamas

Situated 1,200km miles from the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is a group of 700 islands that allows investors to obtain permits through significant real estate purchases in the country. Investors desirous of residing in Bahamas can apply for a residence Permit issued by the Department of Immigration.

The permit is valid until the death of the applicant and covers the applicant’s spouse and children.

Benefits of holding  Bahamas Investor Residence Visa include:

  • Right to reside in the Bahamas without further renewal of permits.
  • Right to enjoy all privileges enjoyed by citizens of Bahamas except for the right to vote.
  • Right to purchase property in Bahamas
  • Liberal tax regime.
  • Easy travel to Commonwealth nations, members of the Caribbean Community and the members of the Organization of American States
  • Eligible to apply for Citizenship of Bahamas after fulfilling residence requirements.
Population 371,960
Country Size 13,940 km2
GDP (billion current USD) 8.149 (2012)
Earning per capita (current USD) 27180.99
Unemployment Rate 14%
Inflation Rate 1.41%
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Investment Requirements: Bahamas Investor Residence Visa

Purchase of property in Bahamas.Applications by investors purchasing property of value in excess of BS $500,000 million will be given speedy consideration for permanent residence. BS $500,000

Fees: Bahamas Investor Residence Visa

Non-refundable processing fee BS $100
Permit Fee – Both With or Without Right to Work BS $10,000
Endorsement of wife and children BS $25

Inclusion of Family: Bahamas Investor Residence Visa

The resident permit issued to the applicant covers the following family members through endorsement:

    1. Spouse
    2. Dependent children

Document Required

Document Required

Documents: Bahamas Investor Residence Visa

    1. Completed Application for residence permit without work in Andorra
    2. Copy of the passport
    3. Original police certificate of character
    4. Original birth certificate
    5. Original medical certificate
    6. Two character references by Bahamian citizens
    7. Birth certificate and marriage certificate of parents of the applicant.
    8. Marriage certificate, Divorce certificate, and certificate of death of spouse as applicable
    9. Certificate of economic worth of the applicant

Application Procedure: Bahamas Investor Residence Visa

This permit entitles the immigrant to reside in Bahamas permanently. The application for Permanent Residence should be made to the Department of Immigration. After obtaining the permit, the applicant will be required to obtain a Home Owners Resident Card to become eligible to purchase property in the country.

The detailed application procedure and government policy regarding economic residence permit in Bahamas is available here.


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