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Malta Citizenship Investor Immigration Program

Ineligible Applicants for Malta Citizenship Investor Program

Ineligible Applicants Applicants who fall under any of the categories below shall not be eligible to obtain citizenship under this Programme unless the agency executing the Programme is satisfied that the applicant has proven extraordinary circumstances meriting a consideration for approval. After the agency issues a reasoned opinion considering the applicant for approval, the application shall be referred to the ... Read More »

Documents Required

Malta Citizenship Documents Required for Investors Health Certificate :  Certificate in prescribed form from a reputable health service certifying that the main applicant and his dependants are Not suffering from any contagious disease, and Otherwise enjoying good health. Police Declaring Clean Criminal Record:  Police Certificate issued by Malta Police as well as a Police Certificate issued by competent authorities in the investor’s country ... Read More »

Malta Citizenship Application Process

Malta Citizenship Application Process for Investors Application forms prescribed by the regulations are submitted. Within ninety days of submission of application for citizenship, the agency implementing the Programme shall verify that:   Within 30 days of completion of this verification, the agency implementing the Programme shall carry out further background checks if necessary and indicate that the application has been After ... Read More »

Who can Apply For Malta’s Individual Investor Programme

Malta Citizenship Eligibility for Investors:  The following are requirements for all applicants to Malta’s Individual Investor Programme: Investor must be at least 18 years old. Investor or any of his/her dependents should not have been indicted or should not have appeared before an International Criminal Court Investor or any of his/her dependents shall, at the time of the application, not ... Read More »