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Minimum Investment Requirement & Fees

Minimum Investment for U.K. Investor Residence Program

The minimum investment of £2 million must be maintained at that level throughout the period of your permission to enter and stay in the UK. You may change your investment as long as the level of investment does not fall below the minimum amount.

If the value of your investment fluctuates, then it must be corrected by the next reporting period.

You must submit a portfolio produced by a UK regulated financial entity or direct evidence if you manage your investments on your own or if the portfolio is managed by an entity not regulated by the UK.

The total investment throughout the period should not fall below £2 million. If you have invested £2 million, then no balance of funding is necessary.

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Joint Funding

In the case use of funds held jointly by an applicant and a spouse, civil partner, unmarried, or same-sex partner, the following documents must be provided:

  1. Documentary proof of marriage or civil partnership or evidence proving the existence of a two-year relationship similar to marriage or civil partnership.
  2. Documentary permission to use joint or personal funds and to have the funds under applicant’s control in the UK. The applicant must be legally permitted to the use funds without being required to obtain the consent of the partner.
  3. Confirmation from a legal adviser that all documentary proof is valid.

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