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U.S. EB 1-C Visa: Multinational Executives and Managers

The U.S. EB 1-C visa program targets multinational executives and managers who work outside the U.S. for companies that have a presence inside the U.S. It a route to a U.S. visa that could be used for intra-company transfers.

U.S. EB 1-C Visa: Multinational Executives and Managers

It represents a route to U.S. permanent residence (or U.S. green card) without the need for any significant investment. Processing times are also significantly quicker when compared to the US EB-5 visa.

U.S. EB 1-C Visa: Eligibility

  • Candidates must have worked outside the U.S. for one year in the last three years for the employer and seek to enter the U.S. to continue in that position.
  • Job must have been in a managerial or executive position either with the employer, or with an affiliate or subsidiary of that employer.
  • The U.S. employer must have existed for at least one year and either be the same employer, or an affiliate or subsidiary, of the firm employing the candidate outside the U.S.
  • S. employer must provide a confirmed job offer and have filed a petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  • There is no labour certification requirement

The EB 1-C visa is one of a group of visas aimed at individuals who are successful in their fields.

There are two other categories under the visa.

EB 1 Visa: Outstanding Professors and Researchers

The EB 1 visa for professors and researchers is aimed at those known internationally for achievements in their field. Candidates must have at least three years of experience in teaching or research in their field. They must also have a confirmed teaching or research positions at a U.S. university or higher education provider. Private companies who do research can also access the visa, provided requirements are met.

EB 1 Visa: Extraordinary Ability

Candidates must prove they are outstanding in a field of science, art, education, business or sport to qualify for the EB 1 extraordinary ability category. The ability must be recognized by an official body at a national or international level.

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