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Investment Immigration: Mutually Beneficial For Countries and Candidates

April 17, 2017 – European investment immigration programs are boosting struggling economies while offering high-net worth individuals access to the European Union.

Investment Immigration: Mutually Beneficial For Countries and CandidatesAs a situation that benefits both sides, the number of programs within the EU is expected to grow.

In a business environment, when both sides are happy with a deal, the relationship between them will grow.

Countries that have already launched programs, including Portugal, Greece and Cyprus, are already reaping the investment benefits.

Portugal Golden Residence Program: Investment Requirements

Capital Investment
Transfer of capital of minimum value of €1 million into Portugal including through purchase of shares in companies

Creation of at least 10 new positions in Portugal

Real Estate
Purchase of unencumbered real estate in Portugal of a minimum value of €350,000. Co-ownership or purchase of property through finance is permissible provided each individual makes a mandatory minimum investment of €350,000.

Urban Rehabilitation
Investment of at least €350,000 in constructed 30 years ago or investment for rehabilitation of properties located in Urban Rehabilitation Areas

Scientific Research and Development
Investment of at least €350,000 in R&D activities of institutions that are part of the national technological system.

Promotion of Culture
Investment of at least €250,000 towards financing of bodies pursuing cultural or artistic activities or towards renovation or maintenance of cultural heritage.

Small-Cap and Mid-Cap Finance
Investment of at least €500,000 towards purchase of units of small-cap or mid-cap venture capital funds.

Investment in Low Population Areas
20 per cent reduction in minimum investments in the above-mentioned categories when investment is made in a low population-density area.

These were countries that struggled to survive the global financial crisis, but are now having their recoveries assisted by golden visa investment.

Portugal’s housing market is beginning to thrive thanks to golden visa investment.

Greece has granted 1,500 visas to mainly-Chinese candidates for a minimum investment of €250,000.

Greece Golden Visa Program: Investment Requirements

  1. Purchase real estate property in Greece with a minimum value of €250,000.
  2. Sign a 10-year lease with minimum €250,000 for hotel or other tourist residence.
  3. Have purchased a property before 2013 currently worth €250,000 or more.
  4. Own Greece real estate of minimum value €250,000 acquired through donation or parental concession.
  5. Purchase land with intent to build, provided value of land and construction contract is minimum €250,000.

Cyprus has seen its program – which provides residence and citizenship streams – begin to thrive.

On the other side of the deal, investors are receiving free movement around the EU as a key benefit.

This movement not only includes people, but also goods and capital for those wishing to conduct business.

Cyprus Citizenship Program: Investment Requirements

Purchase of financial assets issued by Cypriot companies: €2m

Investment in real estate, land development, or infrastructure projects: €2m

Purchase, creation, or participation in Cypriot businesses or companies: €2m

Combination of the five three investment options (may include purchase of special government bonds worth €500,000): €2m

Another key advantage is access to education for children, which is believed to be a key motivator for Chinese investment candidates.

With economies still battling to emerge from a difficult period, it is a good time to be an investor.

Property prices are low and companies are looking for investment to keep their operations running smoothly.

With each passing month, the world sees new investment immigration programs starting.

Italy is the latest to consider a program, with changes to its laws already made in preparation for a residence program with a €500,000 threshold.

Proposed Italy Investment Program: Investment Streams

  • €500,000 investment in corporate bonds or shares in an innovative Italian start-up.
  • €1 million investment in approved Italian public interest projects.
  • €2 million investment in Italian government bonds.
  • €2 million investment in corporation bonds or shares in an established Italian business.

As the world watches to see what the US will do with its EB-5 program, European programs could be about to become the focus of Chinese investment.

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