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Global Residence Programs for Investor

Alternative residence through investment immigration programs becomes an important consideration for many high net worth individuals. We frequently represent investors who seek fiscal solutions to address international tax agreements such as the 2014 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and the 2014 OECD/G20 standard on automatic exchange of information. We welcome the opportunity to provide our clients with residency based options that enhance quality of life, education opportunities and provide flexibility of travel in a safe and secure environment for family.

Immigrant Investor Residence Programs

Global Residence Programs For Investor

Global Residence Programs (GRP) are designed to attract highly net worth individuals who wants to start a business or to live outside from their country.

Global Business immigration programs offering permanent residence can be found in more than 20 jurisdictions each with varying criteria ranging from passive investments into government approved funds or qualifying real estate to establishing corporate enterprises providing employment to the local population.

Setting up an enterprise to conduct business or trade can provide a viable opportunity to gain residency in countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Switzerland. After a period of residence ranging from 4-7 years applicants can apply for citizenship in most jurisdictions.

Through our network of leading professionals in the industry we offer our clients a full range of consultancy services providing residency options in many jurisdictions in North America, Europe the Caribbean and Australia.

To establish yourself or your business in a new country requires securing relationships with key partners such as lawyers, tax experts, bankers, and government officials. As a client of our firm, you can rely on us to give you the right advice, and we also help you build a network of contacts, take advantage of your new environment and achieve your goals.