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Recent Investment Immigration News

Trump Administration Says US EB-5 ‘In Need Of Substantial Repair’

May 23, 2017 – The US EB-5 investment immigration program has been granted another temporary extension, this time until September 30, 2017. Talk of a major overhaul of the USA immigration program proved to be posturing as none of the multiple proposals put forward gained any traction. After a one week extension from the previous April 28 expiry, the program ... Read More »

EU Visa Restriction Ruled Out For Canada and US

The European Union has ruled out putting in place an EU visa restriction for visitors who are citizens of Canada and the US. Representatives say enough progress has been made on solving an issue that has dragged on for nearly three years. Both Canada and the US require citizens of certain European countries to obtain a travel visa. However, citizens ... Read More »

Turkish Nationals Look To Greece Golden Visa Program

Turkish nationals are emerging as small but important investors in the Greece Golden Visa Program. Dozens of properties in Greece have been sold to Turkish investors seeking a residency permit. Political turmoil in Turkey, where President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently won a referendum awarding him greater power, is proving to be a push factor for many concerned people. Businesses are ... Read More »

Bahamas Investor Residence: Government Aims To Increase Threshold

A plan to increase the threshold of the Bahamas residency-by-investment immigration program has been rejected by the real estate industry. The Bahamas government wants to double the real estate investment threshold from BS $500,000 to BS $1 million. But a survey conducted by the Bahamas Real Estate Association indicated industry stakeholders are strongly against the idea. Bahamas Investor Residency: Investment ... Read More »

IMF Compliments Saint Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Program

The International Monetary Fund has urged Saint Lucia immigration to continue efficient management of its citizenship-by-investment program. The world financial giant believes the program can provide a key boost to the Caribbean nation’s economy if administered correctly. Poor management could damage the reputation of the country and harm the integrity of financial transactions, the IMF said. Read More Saint Lucia ... Read More »